The Vineyards

The vineyards at Herdade da Maroteira are based on 4 red varieties – Syrah, Alicante Bouschet, Touriga Nacional and Aragonez. We take a sustainable dry farming approach towards agriculture in the vineyards, first planted in the year 2000 and spread over 22 Ha. All procedures are done manually by our team and, every year in September, harvest is done overnight at the freshest hours to guarantee the best quality fruit.

Outside of the property and extended over different areas of the Alentejo, we explore another 45 Ha of vineyards, where we obtain our white grapes and some of the red grapes that compose our “Dez Tostões” wines. These vineyards are explored on a rental basis, where we ensure a long-term agreement, allowing us to guarantee consistency, character and quality in their grapes, year after year.

The Winery

First designed in 2017, our winery is located at the Industrial hub in the town of Redondo. Built over 2000 m2, we pride ourselves on using the most up-to-date, safe and reliable technology.

We ally the highest standards of viticulture, the careful selection of French and American oak barrels and the oenological knowledge of our team. We feel that this is the basis that annually allows us to produce wines of superior quality.

Our Alentejo Wines

Planted on calcareous clay soil, the acres of vineyard at Herdade da Maroteira are divided in 4 varieties – Syrah, Alicante Bouschet, Touriga Nacional and Aragonez. From these red grapes, 3 of the 4 existing references are produced:

– Mil Reis Syrah (100% Syrah)

– Cem Reis Syrah (100% Syrah)

– Dez Tostões Red (Alicante Bouschet, Aragonez, Touriga Nacional and Syrah)

In production since 2009 and only a few quilometres away, in Evoramonte, we can find the vineyards which create the 4th range – Senhor Doutor. Here, our viticultorist Philip Mollet, set himself the challenge to create a Touriga Nacional monovarietal as well as an “out of the box” white – The Field Blend (Antão Vaz, Arinto, Verdelho and Roupeiro).

Keeping our main focus on overall quality, our grapes are manually picked during the night into small 20kg boxes. Later, they are carefully transported to our Winery, where the  oenology team takes charge of transforming these grapes into the wines which embody all the different references presented.

Mil Reis

The Mil Reis Grande Reserva Syrah, produced only in years of excellence, is a monovarietal (100% Syrah) with 18 month in American and French Oak barrels and 6 months in bottle. Produced from the first patch of Syrah, initially planted in the year 2000, this wine presents a robust and deep profile. With intense Red Fruit flavours, firm structure, good complexity and remarkable persistence.

Cem Reis

The Cem Reis Wines are composed of a 100% Syrah Red and a 100% Viognier White.
The Syrah is produced from the best batches of that variety each year resulting in a final lot which matured for 16 months in French (50%) and American (50%) Oak. With dark violet tones, it presents deep blackberry flavours. A round wine with firm structure and persistence..
The Viognier, produced with grapes from a neighbour family propriety in Montemor-o-Novo, results from a careful selection of those grapes. 9 months in new French Oak barrels and 30 days of intense batonnage followed by 8 months of rest result in a very balanced, elegant yet structured White wine. Expressive citric notes and a unctuous, buttery, round finish.

Senhor Doutor

The Senhor Doutor range, developed in Herdade da Maroteira with grapes from the neighbour town of Évoramonte, results in a selection of “Boutique Wines”. Wines with a very “out of the box”, specific profile, which challenge both our viticulturist – Philip Mollet – and our consultant oenologist – António Maçanita.
The Touriga Nacional (100%), with 16 months in new French oak barrels, presents itself robust and structured. A wine of undeniable complexity, with expressive flavours of bergamot orange, liquorice and discreet tones of leather. A wine we feel stands up to the reputation of the Queen variety of Portugal – Touriga Nacional.
The Field Blend (Antão Vaz, Arinto, Verdelho and Roupeiro) is planted over 4000m2. On this field the 4 varieties are randomly mixed setting the challenge to decide the best date for harvest where all varieties are at their best potential. A complex and structured white wine which guarantees the freshness and elegance of the Antão Vaz e Arinto whilst simultaneously presenting the round and fruity character of the Verdelho e Roupeiro varieties.
The Touriga Nacional Rosé is a more gastronomic Rosé. Darker in tone it presents strong flavours of matured red fruit and an intense aroma of wild berries. A complex Rosé intended towards to most refined gastronomic experience.

Dez Tostões

The Dez Tostões family is formed of a Red Blend, a White Antão Vaz and a Syrah Rosé.
The Red, produced from the Alicante Bouschet, Aragonez, Touriga Nacional and Syrah varieties, matures for 12 months in Oak barrels presenting itself with a round and fruity profile. With an approximate alcohol content of 15% its structure and complexity, allied to its jammy character guarantee, every year, an excellent price/quality ratio.
The White, 100% Antão Vaz, shows itself very balanced. On this reference we have managed to produce, through viticulture, an elegant, jovial and fresh fruit base whilst, through oenology, achieving a round, structured and gastronomic profile. It presents itself as an alternative to the typical character of this variety.
On the Dez Tostões Rosé, with a Syrah base, the word of order is balance. The objective is to achieve a pale, fresh elegant and jovial profile whilst, through alcohol content and work developed in the winery, achieving a structured, persistent and gastronomic profile allowing it to accompany the most complex of dishes.

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